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  • Online store Delhi Tracking Gps Jammer Signal Blocker in Mini India GrhlmwnGPtz for ebay

Product Features

Tiny GPS signal Jammer Blocker. It's designed for blocking GPS trackers which may be hidden in your car, truck, van, motorcycle, vehicle etc. A car gps jammer blocking GPS reception and prohibits all GPS-enabled devices from tracking your current location. It works on car cigar/cigarette lighter socket.


Working Band: L1 system 1500 to 1600Mhz
Compatible with Signal Jamming Power: 200mW
Coverage: 3-6 M
Power supply: 12V
Antenna Impedance: 50 w
Currency Supported: 200mA
Dimension: 20x105x35mm (LxWxD)
After sales service: 1 year warranty

Additional Information

Gps 1500 Mhz 1600 Mhz
Free shipping,Anti Tracking GPS Jammer / Disrupter, GPS Jammer For Car With 3 To 6
Meters Coverage, GT-J005
This Signal Jammer can use in Worldwide!
Isolating Signal Bandwidths: (1) GPS: 1500mhz-1600mhz
Original quality Jammer!!

Package Contents

1 x Signal Jammer
1 x User Manual

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