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Product Description

Vehicle Outlet Powered GPS Jammer

For car, truck, bus, van, or even boat security, stop GPS tracking signals by simply plugging this into any cigarette lighter or vehicle power outlet.  With up to 10 meter coverage, it will protect you from being logged in even the largest of vehicles.

This well designed, simple to use unit functions by just plugging it into a standard cigarette lighter or power outlet with 12V of power.  It   will automatically protect you by blocking any GPS tracking on and within your vehicle that are being sent.

This tracking jammer is a popular item with sales personnel, truckers, and delivery drivers, who wish to take lunch or make a personal stop outside of their territory or route "off the radar".

For more information, read our article How GPS Jammers Operate or visit our GPS jammers page.


- Simple plug and play design - Take it out of the box, attach the antenna, and plug it in.

- Red indicator light lets you know the unit is working

- If your power outlet stays 'hot' when the vehicle is off, the unit will continue to operate

- Avoid having your activities tracked and logged

- This unit blocks GPS L1 (tracking) ONLY. It will ONLY block tracking devices.  It will NOT block your navigation system (your phone maps, your in-dash navigation system, etc) .  If you want to block all these devices you will need to cover GPS L1-L5, which is what our GPS handheld jammer does.


Be sure to see our GPS tracking detector - an ideal companion for this item, and the new USB GPS Jammer that covers GPS L1-L2.


The Signal Jammer Service

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